Business Line 1: „Design-to-Prototype” (D2P)

Development of process, machine, equipment and prototype creation
Analyse, develop, design, create and validate a specific element (machine, equipment, procedure, process step) in a complete manufacturing process or supply chain.
This area offers development that aims the realization of a machine, equipment, procedure or process element of a service or production activity. The scope of this business line also includes those industrial challenges which are beyond usual engineering activity or purely requires supporting capacities of the customer.
Engineering and design competences are used to supply solutions integrated to the specific process or technology environment: process/technology analysis, FEM-analysis, mechanical design, innovative solutions, procedure development, prototype realization (machine, equipment), testing and validation, installation.
Examples, references:
  • Development of machines and equipment
    • pressing machine development, screw analysis system, axis checking equipment, leaf fault detection system, material flow management equipment, etc.
  • Solutions supporting material flow
    • logistics trolley, in-process logistics solutions (transporting, storing monitoring systems), etc.
  • Process improvements
    • automatization/speeding-up/error-proofing of manual tasks, productivity increase with technical solutions, evaluation of technology change, preparation of robotization, etc.
  • Development of test/measurement equipment
    • mechanical equipment for analysis (stress analyser, LCD homogenity tester, foil strenght testing equipment, testing system for coated screws, measurement system for paper boxes, visual recognition systems, etc.
  • Engineering design services
    • mechanical and mechatronics design, modeling and simulation

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