The Technology Center has been established based on industrial needs and using experiences of similar international organizations in 2010. The center is a technical and research service unit having own human and laboratory capacities as well as extended co-operation network. Due to its special organizational and business model, it offers integration of flexibility, performance and scientific potential combined with factory presence during the industrial R&D projects. The Technology Center takes an active role in strengthening and development of local technical culture and human basis while fostering knowledge uptake among industrial players.


The mission of the Technology Center is to contribute to continuous improvement and competitiveness of industrial manufacturing companies and service providers (especially in vehicle, electronics and mechanical industries) by its comprehensive technical research and development services.


The TC intends to become a recognized industrial research center by a value-oriented activites and accordingly offered services.
The TC focuses on those industrial challenges which require innovative solutions with physical outcome, using also professional good practices and outlook.
The TC offers value-for-money, but in the same time future-oriented technical and R&D services for its parners.


  • Real-based and product-driven development approach resulting in materialized outcome
  • Maximizing technical and research value for the customers
  • Trust-based co-operations


Human Resources

  • Rcapacity and flexibility
  • key solutions (specialists)
  • scientific partners


  • TC team: The Technology Center own core team (fix and flexible resources) makes the basic activity in the projects. This core team also plays the role of an integrator, while occassionally co-operating with Specialists and Scientific partners.
  • Specialists: Certain solutions might require specific, deep knowledge and extrem high experience. In case of needs, the Technology Center involves the appropriate and reliable partners into the specific project phase(s). 
  • Scientific partners: According to the project needs, the scientific basis ensures the theoretical establishment of the solutions as well as the wide-range professional outlook.

Why Technology Center?

  • Research and development project completely fitting to the defined technical challenge
  • Maximal attention to the projects: main activity of TC is R&D
  • „Flexibility of an engineering company” – „Accuracy of a research unit”
  • Professional R&D&I management
  • Capacities and experiences of the team
  • Extensive network for optimal involvement of partner competences
  • Validated prototype as outcome focus
  • Factory presence according to customer and project need
  • End-to-End technical and R&D service

Technology Center: H-8900 Zalaegerszeg
4 Fészek Street Tel.: (+36) 92 324 453