Business Line 2: „Analysis-to-Technology” (A2T)

Analysis, development of manufacturing technologies:
Root-cause analysis and failure elimination of a technology problem (product fault, critical process deviation, unusual technology parameter) including validation of the developed solution.
This area offers assessment and solution of problems of a manufacturing technology, aiming detection and elimination of root-cause, then reaching the required technology paremeter levels.
Measurement analysis and manufacturing technology competences are combined to supply solutions in the field of turning, forming, welding or general process technologies, including validation, too. The scope of the service area also includes plastics-related technology problems (plastics injection, foil production, sheet forming).
Examples, references:
  • Surface roughness problems
  • Metal forming technology problems
  • Precision boring technology development
  • On-surface and in-material analyses of metals
  • Material analyses of plastics
  • Development of complete measurement systems and procedures
  • Development of algorythms for analyses
  • ESD protection system analysis
  • Simple and complex measurements (material analysis, dimension measurements, process evaluation)

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